About to board the please-bring-me-home flight

I didn’t think a person could snore this hard

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Me, everyday, for the past 5 days.

It's not helping.

Send aid.

I’ve never felt this bad in years, I should stop eating seafood

Turns out I did everything correctly and I’m now waiting to board the airplane. Sheeesh

I really don’t want to wake up at 5 AM tomorrow

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Also (and this is my last thought on this I promise)

Thinking in terms of the health of the Fediverse

Masto instances shouldn't let themselves get too big

No instance should be "too big to block"

New gas bill came in, 750€ let’s fucking gooooo

I hate my life

I can't believe I just got fucked by the Nagle's algorithm.

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After getting a 1L insulated water bottle I upped my daily water intake to *at least* 3L. It’s simply too convenient!

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I don't post my fanarts a lot, but I do a looot of pokemon pixel arts ahah #PixelArt #pokemon #MastoArt #art

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