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I became one of those recently-converted Rust programmers who go like "man, I wish I the match statement was available" :<

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gameboy custom build 

just finished this custom DMG with an aftermarket IPS LCD, shell and buttons! I love how it came out but it was a surprisingly tough build. I accidentally zapped the original motherboard I was going to use (the DMG's design makes it too easy to send -30v straight to the CPU) and killed the first fancy LCD I tried to install (which the vendor kindly replaced). and THEN I discovered the speaker didn't work, so I had to reopen to diagnose. but it's all fixed now and works great!

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Been watching youtube through my Piped instance lately and boy oh boy it's great!

I will now proceed to get rid of Reddit apps

alright gopls and rust-analyzer are now ONLINE

Now that the config is essentially done I have to follow through and actually use it

Lua is the single best thing that ever happened to neovim

Building a neovim configuration is a fucking nightmare

The sound subsystem delivers a great experience, but with more sensitive IEMs like the Campfire Audio Andromeda you can hear a pretty obnoxious hissing sound.

Nothing that can't be fixed by an impedance adapter though!

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classic 5th gen project has been completed:

- 512GB flash storage
- 3000mah *new* battery
- a case with enough scratches to pass as vintage :^)

I also got a transparent front case but to be honest it doesnโ€™t look that good and the fit was too tight on the screen for my tastes.

Iโ€™m using the original OS with ALAC lossless files, Rockbox has issues with the USB stack that Iโ€™m not too keen on fixing right now.

Programmers will eventually be replaced by a sufficiently advanced macro

First night in a while with temps lower than 28c.

Feels like heaven!

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