@gsora Option 2. In option 1 the branches are each wearing pants, but not the entire tree. In option 2 the tree itself is wearing pants.

That was the weirdest thing I've typed today.

@Graycot hmmm but a binary tree is defined as a root with at most two nodes, so each small tree needs pants… right?

@Graycot @gsora What if it's option 2 but every subtree wears them too so the deeper the node the more layers of pants?

@taxorubio @Graycot yeah you can kinda infer that by the size of pants in option 2 😳

@gsora I do understand @Graycot's point but I would love to see option one, because it feels super weird! =D

@admin @gsora @Graycot

When I put myself into the shoes 👟👟 of a binary tree wearing pants, I can imagine some wild way how I could put on some very stretchy pants in scenario B.

But scenario A must be a pain in whatever-it-is-for-binary-trees, like when getting ready for work in a hurry on a Monday morning.

Also, putting on that many shoes 👟👟 gets worse with age, I think. When binary trees grow, they get deeper/higher and have to put on increasingly more shoes. ☹️


@floppy @gsora @Graycot
It took me two reads to fully understand what was going on here hahahah!

@floppy @admin @Graycot the sequence of 👟 at the end is just *chefs kiss* perfect. I applaude your shitposting technique.

I just thought, taking the POV of a pants'ed binary tree, those must be the things where the shoe pinched.

But really, @gsora, thank you very much! I rarely practise the art of the shitpost on the Fediverse (IRL though :troll: ). But more and more, especially after such lovely feedback, I feel I'm missing out. And if the shoe fits, why not go for it, right?

For now I'm still a bit undecided what instance to choose for that purpose. Any suggestions?

@admin @Graycot

@floppy @admin @Graycot IMO shitposting on main is the best kind of Shitposting ever.


I really do like the funkiness of option one!

Off-topic thought:

A tall enby is a nonbinary tree

also, I love your pfp! I didn't realize gifs could be uploaded for a pfp.

@Graycot Yea same thats why I picked one xD

And thank you and yea I noticed 'gif' is allowed extensions, so ofc I had to try it!
I had to scale it down and compress it more, since the original is like 4mb xD

@gsora Sure, it’s a binary tree, but when did we agree that it identified as male?

@kgerloff I think the shitposting hive mind decided this, I do not have a voice in this

@gsora I see.

Now help me out here. If it’s a „binary“ tree, are the only possible options „female“ and „male“?

Or are we unjustly overlooking other binary gender constructs?

@admin @gsora Yes!

Though if the tree is non-binary, that diss make things more complicated.

At the very least, it’s going to need bigger pants.

@ivan I wish I could rewatch The Good Place without knowing what it is all about. Such a good show.

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