Why is my timeline no longer chronological? 馃え

@gsora @explorergrace The only time it appears not chrono is when someone boosts a post - it will have the original post time.. At least I think..

@idanoo @gsora It's my "Home" timeline, and there are posts that are out of order, but not boosted. Weird.

@explorergrace @gsora Odd.. I did notice one post before that did that too. Can confirm we haven't deployed any changes recently.

@gsora @explorergrace It looks like a specific instance is having federation issues - I wouldn't worry about it for now. We're just receiving the toots a lot later than posted 馃檭

@idanoo @gsora That awful moment when you think an algorithm has infiltrated! 馃槺

@explorergrace @gsora Neverrrrr! I'd roll back to the previous version 馃ぃ It's one thing I really love, a true ordered home feed

@idanoo @gsora Yeah, I despise anything that doesn't allow me to have a chronological home feed. :laserkiwi: :laserkiwi:

@explorergrace @idanoo the only algorithm here is the one distributing good vibes 馃

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