classic 5th gen project has been completed:

- 512GB flash storage
- 3000mah *new* battery
- a case with enough scratches to pass as vintage :^)

I also got a transparent front case but to be honest it doesn’t look that good and the fit was too tight on the screen for my tastes.

I’m using the original OS with ALAC lossless files, Rockbox has issues with the USB stack that I’m not too keen on fixing right now.

Fun fact: Rosa means pink in Italian. Pink just like this big wheel.

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So there’s this ferry service that brings you from one side of the port, and The ice cream place is on the other side of it. I figured I could cheat a little, but… I forgot tonight is the second “Notte Rosa” night. Hence, lots of people in line for the ferry 🙃

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Its 2006, the first big recession of this century is about to begin… but it doesn’t matter, because Red Hot Chili Peppers just dropped Stadium Arcadium 😎

This is the best peanut butter I’ve ever had. 100% peanuts, no sugars, nothing.

Got some pin extender adapters to stack the eInk display on top of the aluminum heat sink/case combo. Not the most beautiful design, but it works!

It’s aliiiiiive! Waiting for the eInk screen and some stand-offs to fully mount a fan shield and garmin mount. 20Ah usb power pack should be plenty for some sweet sweet bike-assisted wardriving 😎

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